Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where to begin?

This was my home when I first bought it.
  • It was originally built in the 20's (1922 is the best guess I have). The house is one of the older homes on the block.
  • The house was originally built as a simple 20' x 40' structure with a front porch.
  • Later a 6' deep back porch was added.
  • Eventually both porches were closed in (poorly).
  • Several interior (non-load bearing) walls were added (again, poorly).
  • Finally, the house was built as post and pier construction, meaning the entire house was built using 36 1' x 1' concrete pier blocks, with wooden beams on top of wooden posts. This doesn't provide much bearing for the house, and as a result, the house had settled roughly 8" from the front left corner to the back right corner.
  • All of these issues and more would need to be addressed. I knew this going in, and figured that it would be easier to remodel this home than build one from scratch. And seeing that I couldn't afford a new home, this would have to do.
  • I started this blog in the Fall of 2011, but I backdating the posts to the appropriate times, so the chronological continuity is coherent. (Does that count as alliteration?)