Monday, July 26, 2010

Interior Demo - The Front

And the interior demolition begins! My initial thoughts on the interior demolition was to pull down everything and get to the original structure. The *FIRST* thing I did was to remove the terrible carpet, which revealed original doug fir floors. Pretty sweet. Then I started by removing the wall separating the tiny 70 sq ft bedroom and the front room. This is where I started to realize that things were going to be "interesting".

Here, I've removed the fireplace and have pulled the brick backing in front of the wall down. The wall was built in a hilarious fashion, meaning it didn't use traditional studs, but instead recycle pieces from an old dresser drawer. Also, they didn't even bother to pull up the old, orange / yellow / brown shag carpet, they just slapped down a board and nailed it in. At this point I realised *EVERYTHING* would need to be demolished and I would need to take it back to the framing.

Here is a rough stitch of the demolition as it progressed through the front room. This is a 180 degree panorama.

Here, you can see the front of the house has been completely pulled down. This is the same vantage point as the first picture above. The plastic is keeping the debris from getting into the rest of the house. I've found that it is easier to clean as you go, rather than make a HUGE mess and spend way too much time cleaning it up.

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