Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Realizing that I needed help, I enlisted the aid of an honest to god professional. An architect.

He has been incredibly helpful in helping me figure out what to do next and figuring out how I can make the best use of this property. To that end, he worked with me to come up with the following plans for the house renovation. My requirements that we figure out what will make the renovation go as quickly as possible, as I need a place to live!

The end design maintains the current exterior envelope of the house, removing two feet from the front of the house and four feet from the back. The main floor will be on large living space, with no walls dividing the rooms, and a sleeping loft upstairs.

With the plans in hand, I can finally go the city to apply for permits. Normally this type of remodel would be considered STFI, however, because I am replacing the foundation and the property is located in two ECAs, it will require a plan review. Thus begins a long and seemingly drawn out process of getting the plans reviewed by the city.

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marcin asbesotos said...

nice post and thanks sharing for this future plan!