Thursday, December 23, 2010

All I want for christmas is a driveway

The first step, once the permit was issued, was to get the driveway and curb-cut installed. This would dramatically speed up my progress, not having to haul everything the extra 40ft to the curb. So I went by Aurora Rents and explained my situation. They recommended a bobcat.

They did not realise they were renting the bobcat to a complete idiot. This is what I managed to accomplish in 15 minutes.

Although I did managed to get the bobcat stuck in the mud, I finally got it out and onto the driveway. I then calmly called Aurora Rents and explained that they rented this to an idiot, and that they would need to send me something else. Preferably something which would cause less damage in the hands of an imbecile.

So they sent over a mini-excavator. This was too much fun, more fun than I can explain. In short order, I managed to excavate the driveway and the curb cut and I had a blast doing it!

Thursday, December 16, 2010