Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Exterior Demo

Now that the driveway is complete, and I can back up a 5 yard dump truck (from Handy Andy Rentals, of course!). So now I am willing to work on the exterior demolition. 

My initial plan for the house was to demolish the old (and poorly) enclosed porches. This will take the structure back to the original footprint.  The first step was to demolish the back enclosed porch. I don't have many pictures from this stage, as the novelty of documenting the whole process had worn thin. So here you just get to see the back of the house, after the demo, wrapped in plastic.

This is what the old porch looks like on the floor of the transfer station. This is roughly 2,500 lbs of debris I just unloaded.

During the demolition of the back porch, you could see that they had actually insulated portion of the structure with sawdust. It was pretty amazing just how much sawdust was used. I was also impressed that the whole thing hadn't burned down in the last 90 years. It wasn't a house of cards, so much as a house of kindling.
Here you can see the dump truck backed up in the driveway during the front demolition. Not having to haul the material the extra 30 odd feet might now sound like a big advantage, but it was *massively* helpful.

I found so many entertaining things during the demolition. For instance, one wall was filled with a bee hive. Which would be cool if there was honey. But there wasn't. Thankfully there were no bees.
I finished up with the front demolition rather late. But here is a picture of the knee bracing I installed to support the roof once the front porch was gone.
This is better picture of the front of the house, now that the exterior demolition is complete!

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