Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How do you hold up a house?

Once the interior excavation had been completed, I wanted to bring the house completely to level, and I wanted to do so in a way that was pretty secure. So I purchased 2.5" schedule 80 pipe and then built these stands on which the house would sit. The whole process was relatively easy. First I built the platforms and used the jacks to lift the house and load the platforms. Then I used a rotating laser level to figure out how tall each of the posts would need to be, to bring the house to level. Then I simply welded the posts in. That's it. Now the house is level and pretty secure (each of the platforms is 2x2).

This is a closeup of the platform, showing the pipes being completely welded and the skip welds along the channel -> plate connection.
I finished up the welding late at night, but wanted to document it. Here you can see, eight platforms, two for each beam. The nearest post on the left is slightly off plumb and it drives me nuts. But not enough for me to cut it off and fix it.

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