Thursday, June 30, 2011

Perimeter Excavation

Now that the interior has been excavated and leveled, it's time to start the exterior excavation! This is the first picture showing just how much work needs to be done.
After a bit of excavation, you can see it's starting to look pretty good.
This is the old cast-iron side sewer connection. This thing was a bear to remove.
The south side of the house was filled with larger rocks, so I added rebar probes to help dig out the larger rocks. Now it looks pretty gnarly.
Here is the north side of the home as it neared completion.
Here, you can see the south side of the house nearing completion.
And the end result, the excavation is complete! I like this picture, it makes the house look like it's floating.

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Thank you for posting the information about pin piling. Can you share who you bought the piling from and who you rented the pile driver from? I am in Seattle and am thinking of doing some work this summer. my email address is