Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet the new workhorse

A friend had an old truck he didn't really need anymore and wanted a place to park it. I told him he could park it in front of my house. He asked if I wanted it, I thought about it and said sure. So the agreement is that I'll use it and maintain it. If I sell it after I'm done, we split the profits.

The only caveat is that I had to paint the truck olive drab green. Ostensibly I was also supposed to add a sickle and hammer, but I deferred that for now. My house is enough of an eyesore, I'd rather not add to it by insulting my neighbor's political sensibilities.

But I did paint it, with a roller and paint provided by a previous owner. It came out pretty well actually. It looks kinda shitty close up, but from 20ft it looks great!

1 comment:

Kay Strebe said...

Can't stop laughing!! Clever and Creative!!