Saturday, December 24, 2011

Stemwalls and Rat Slabs - Part II


So, helping me get the stem-walls completed and working the concrete during the pour, again, is Joe Strickland from Skyline Development and his crew, Bob and Nick.

In come the pump truck and the concrete truck:

The pour started with the front corner and slowly progressed around the house. The major issue with pouring concrete walls is the pressure that builds up at the corners. It's entirely a matter of hydraulic pressure and the corners will face the greatest loads. So the guys were incredibly careful when pouring the corners.

Here you can see a good view of the concrete pump filling the cavity in the ICF. There is both horizontal and vertical rebar within the cavity.

Once the stemwall pour was complete, we quickly finished preparing the crawlspace for the rat slab. The dirt had already been graded and the next step was to lay down a 6mil plastic barrier that would help limit moisture migration into and out of the slab.


While the guys were handling the rat slab, I started setting the various bolts. There were two types of bolts, hold downs, which needed to be set in a specific way so that they looped around the rebar in the stem-wall, and anchor bolts, which only needed to be set in the concrete, but without any special placement. Here you can see the guys finishing up the rat slab and you can see the anchor bolts set into the stemwall.

And the result is incredible. I now have a smooth rat slab, a strong stem-wall and I can begin working on the next phase of the project (rough framing).

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