Sunday, January 22, 2012

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Admittedly, my eyes are often bigger than my stomach. This is the case with the updated plans. I have decently underestimated the cost required to build the second story per plan. So, Bubba and I have been putting our heads together to figure what our options are.

Bubba thought it was important enough that he wear his thinking cap.

So far, we are considering the following options:
  • Burning down the house and collecting insurance money.
  • Finishing the first floor per the updated plans, but add a bedroom instead of the library / stairs
    • then build the second story once we save up enough money
  • Framing the entire house, finishing one bedroom / bathroom and finishing it as money permits.
  • Getting a construction loan and finishing the whole thing now.
    • This is more complicated as we need to obtain bids from three GCs and go through a bunch of red tape
Honestly, all of those options are viable (ok, well *maybe* we won't burn down the house). We are gathering information and will make a decision in the near future.

In the meantime, one of the GCs we asked to bid on the project, found some older pictures of the house. So I present them here for your viewing pleasure:

This is a picture of the house from the 1930s, when a WPA project was commissioned to document all of the homes in Seattle.

This is a picture of the house after the previous owner bought and "renovated" it by enclosing the front porch. The property was purchased in 1990 and this picture was taken sometime after that.

This last picture was taken sometime in the late 2000s, during the housing bubble.

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