Monday, January 2, 2012

New plans!

When I started this project, the idea was to cheaply, and quickly (ha!) renovate this old home, while keeping the existing roof. This led to quite a compromise in terms of idealized living spaces, but it was what I wanted at the time.

Well, plans change and my plans have changed both figuratively and literally. Figuratively because I've met an incredible woman with whom I plan to share my life. And literally, because we have redesigned the house a bit.

As a refresher, here was the original plan, which would remove the front 2' and the back 6'.

The big change is that if there are two (or more) people living in the house, we would need more bedroom space, which could only come from a second floor. And once you consider a second floor, do you go with a simple room in attic design, or do you add a gambrel roof, or do you go nuts and add a complete, wall to wall second floor?

(Side note: I wanted the foundation designed to bear the load of a second floor. Mike, the architect, had designed the foundation / pin piles accordingly. I knew that you only get to pour the foundation once, but you can always expand upwards.)

So, that brings us to the present, we've worked with Mike to come up with a design. Mainly this involved Mike and the future missus conferring, with me occasionally whining that something was hard to build, or would add cost or complexity. I'm good at fixing problems, not so good at design, so this worked out rather well.

The design we've settled on is this one:

The internal layout has also changed significantly. The original plan was to have a completely open interior, except for the bathroom. Now, with the addition of stairs, the first floor is broken up better, with a living room in the front and kitchen / eating nook in the rear.

The upstairs is made up of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a small open area for movie watching and reading.

Well, there is more to say about the updates, but I'll reveal those details in the future as we encounter them. I just wanted to post an update of the new plans.

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