Friday, April 6, 2012

Cleaning, organizing and ditch digging

(For those keeping track, there was a little bit of a lag here between when this happened and me posting it now. I'm a few weeks behind on blog posts. )


After we ordered the cabinets, the first order of business at the house was finishing the pony wall, taking care of the drainage and cleaning / organizing the interior of the house. That was a lot for one person in one weekend. Luckily I happened to be engaged to one of the best organizers around. 

Bubba and the Future Missus came and started cleaning up the interior, while I worked on the pony wall and cleaned up the backyard. And I even went so far as to hire a worker from Casa Latina. Casa Latina is a local non-profit that helps place day workers based upon a pre-negotiated rate. It's a terrific organization that helps the community with education and outreach, along with helping people find work with dignity and respect.

Let's start with the interior of the house; as you can see, the interior was quite a mess. Even Bubba doesn't know where to start:

Working alone, it's pretty easy to start being lazy about organizing everything. Since I am generally the last person to use something, it makes it easy to remember where I put it. :)

But since the interior framing will start pretty soon, it is time to clean up, organize and throw away anything that is taking up too much space.

So, the Future Missus was quite perturbed when I came in to fetch a tool. I tried explaining it was a construction site, but she wanted to document just how easily I could track dirt into the house.

Initially, I worked on the pony wall and the Casa Latina worker cleaned up the drainage trench around the footing. But he went really quickly and did a great job.

He finished so much earlier than I expected that I realized we had the time to clean up the backyard! As you can see,  I had been treating it as a holding spot for all of my random debris from the foundation and pony wall work.

We had been debating on putting up a shed to hold building materials and the kitchen cabinets. But that also meant the backyard needs to be leveled. So another reason to clean up the backyard.

So myself and the worker started hauling everything to the driveway. As you can see, we ended up with quite a bit of debris that would need to be hauled away.

It worked out well, but it also made for quite the mountain of debris that needed to be hauled away. The Future Missus and I hauled this all to the dump the following day and it was around 1400 lbs.

And you can see the result! The backyard is dramatically cleaned up. The interior is cleaned up and organized, and the pony wall is nearing completion!

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