Friday, April 20, 2012

Concrete can do anything. Let me show you...

When I was applying the stucco, I would trowel it on and the Future Missus would work behind me, smoothing it out and making it all nice and level.

We had lunch and everything was great. We finished up and after I cleaned all of the tools, before I got in the truck, I took my gloves off.

Well, it turns out I had a small hole in my right glove and come concrete managed to get in and cause a burn. Now, my understanding is that something strongly alkaline will essentially saponify the oils in your skin, tearing apart the structure of the cells.

Well, imagine slowly rubbing an area being exposed to this extremely alkaline substance and you can imagine the skin being quickly "melted" and rubbed away. Imagine it happening so much that it went through all of the upper layers of skin.

Now imagine due to the weird nature of alkaline burns, it didn't really hurt and you never really noticed. You might be sitting around with Peanut, working on the computer.

The Future Missus took a picture of the burn a full week after it had happened, and even then, it was pretty wicked. So... lesson learned.


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Kay Strebe said...

Oh my gosh...that is terrible!! I hope Mr. got lots of TLC and took full advantage of said injury :)