Monday, May 7, 2012

I'd be a poor politician...

because I change my mind when confronted with a clear, rational argument.

Remember how I said we would be framing the first floor and then eventually framing the second floor?

Well, after a discussion with Trent and Greg, from Pallet and Palette, I decided to go ahead and demo it down to the subfloor and let them re-build the structure from scratch. The end product would be better and the whole process will be much more straight-forward.

Honestly, a large part of this decision was the trust I have in Trent and his crew at Pallet and Palette. If I were to only renovate the first floor now, was the idea that I could complete the work if the contractor flaked out (which already happened). Demo'ing the first floor and committing to both floor at once means I need to have a lot of trust in the contractor to finish the job in a timely and efficient manner. And I have that trust in Pallet and Palette.

I bring you the final wall coming down. Trent was kind enough to record this while I was at work:

PS, I'll post more pictures of the demo later in the week.

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mom said...

and in the long run - a LOT Less stress as it will be done sooner and you won't have the 2nd floor reno constantly on your mind.