Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More stone facade

Here's when we first started putting on the stone facade a couple weekends ago.

We had to put the top row up first in order to make sure everything was level.  This involved some weird (this is the lady of the house here by the way) 2x4 contraptions at the corners to hold the pink (I picked it) line around it that we used as our level line.

 The first few stones fell right off.  We needed more mortar, and wetter mortar!  I put my frosting cake experience to parallel purposes.

Then we got ourselves a system.  I picked out pieces and slapped on mortar and the Mr. smooshed them into the wall very level-like.  This took a lot of force he tells me.  You would have a hard time doing it he tells me.  

Seeing as how he actually overestimates my strength I didn't argue.

This first weekend we got all the way around the house with the top row except for a few spots where the stones need to be custom cut.  This is great because... 1. Progress! and 2. Now we can put the flashing above the stone and set ourselves up for siding.  

Naturally we took the dogs with us to hang out.  

Since we had to clear out all stuff around the house we removed the ramp at the back and the cinder block stairs (classy) at the front that we use to get into the house.  Peanut was stuck in the house when we put her up there and Bubba could jump out, but couldn't jump back into the house (or so we all thought).  At one point he barked at me to help him into the house (there was a bed and water in there), but I couldn't help him fast enough (mortar on my gloves).  A few minutes later I walked around the corner and he was just chillin' in the house on his bed.  So I had him show me how he got in there.  I wanted to see it.

Trial 1.  

Whoops!  I just don't think he was that motivated to jump himself when we were right there and obviously could help him.  I get it.

Trial 2.  

Now that is a damn good jump!  P.S. I gave him a proper dog treat right after this.  And then I had some skittles that I keep in my tool belt for me.

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