Monday, September 3, 2012

Forward progress...

Hello All,

So when we last left off, we were installing the stone facade. Here you can see an in progress shot of the front of the house:

And this weekend, we managed to finished the stonework. Well, there are three stones left to put up and we need to flash the top of the stone. But it still feels like an accomplishment.

Now, while we were finishing the stonework, we heard my old chihuahua Peanut, barking madly. We figured she was making a bed. She likes to bark while making her bed. Well, when we came inside, this is what we found. Yes, she's diagnosed with lung disease and takes Viagra twice a day, and the doctors said she only had six months, at most, back in March. And every day is a gift, but this trashed pillow is a special gift to me. :)

Since she was so full of energy, we took her on a trip to Home Depot to pick up a new ladder. The next step is installing Tyvek and siding on the house. I have a scaffolding system for helping me put on the siding, but I need a taller ladder in order to install the supports. You'll see it in the next picture. Anyways, Peanut enjoyed her outing.

Here you can see the scaffolding in place and the bottom layer of tyvek being installed. If you've never worked on scaffold jacks, the first time is a very terrifying experience. More about that in future posts...