Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It has been a while!

Hello everyone.

Things stalled because I ran out of money and had to save.

But while I was saving, the balloon payment on the property came due. Unfortunately no banks will refinance the project until the construction is finished and the permit is closed.

So first I had to save up to pay the balloon payment, and then I had to save up to continue the project. It was a lot of saving!

We are back in the swing of things, and have been since roughly May. We hired a net zero energy home expert to help us decide on some of the energy saving features. We also hired a custom home builder to handle the siding / electrical / plumbing / natural gas / hvac.

I wanted someone who had experience coordinating that many sub-contractors and making sure things happened orderly and quickly.

The current work is completed, the house is sided, all of the rough ins are complete. Next steps are painting the exterior, interior insulation and drywall.

We have started painting the house ourselves and over the 4th of July, we figured out our system for painting. We tried brushing, rolling and brushing and spraying. Spraying was by far the fastest and gave us the best results.

We managed to finish base color on the north side of the house, which looks like this:

Anyways, once I get time, I'll go back and update the blog with the various steps we've taken to get here. But until then, I figured everyone would like an update! :)