Friday, October 21, 2011

Starting the foundation

So this last weekend, I intended to get the foundation footing forms setup and ready to go. Good idea, but I don't think I understand how much time I will need to spend getting the forms setup, the rebar cut and in place and I certainly don't think I can do the concrete pour by myself.

So I did the next best thing, I stayed busy by prepping the rebar, getting it cut and bent.

So now that the rebar is ready, I think I am going to call around and find out how much a foundation contractor would charge me to come in, setup the forms and install the foundation. The concrete work seems really daunting to me, mostly becuse I really need the foundation to be square and level, and it's concrete, so you only get one chance to do it. If I mess up, it'll be too costly.


maral said...

Good thing you caught up the timeline because I was totally going to whine about that. However, I feel like I need a "house building for dummies" version of all these blog posts! Oh, and can you build us a community vacation house somewhere on a beach when this one is done? That'd be swell!!

Jeremiah said...

1) Good point! As I have time (ie, I'm bored), I'll go back over the posts or maybe make up a new post that explains things better.

2) No, though I can build a personal vacation house. Assuming you stay within my good graces, you would be more than welcome to use it whenever you like. :)

Kay Strebe said...

Yes, yes, a community beach house sounds swell!! Ok...a personal vacation house would work too. How good do I have to be>?!?!?!?

Jeremiah said...

You only have to be better than Maral. Don't worry, it's not a high bar. ;)