Sunday, August 1, 2010

Asbestos - Good enough for grandpa, good enough for me.

So the entire sides and back of the house were covered in cement-based asbestos siding. So I had to don the Tyvek suit and begin abatement. The rules of home renovation in Seattle are pretty simple:
  • Are you the homeowner and do you live in the home?
    • Yes - you can do whatever work needs to be done, if the house falls down, you'll be the one to die.
    • No - hire a contractor
Lucky for me, I am the homeowner, so rather than pay $5k to have the asbestos abatement contractor come and remove the siding, I was able to do it myself. This required a permit and special handling for the material, but it was worth two weekends of labor to save $5k.

Be safe kids, wrap it.

Underneath the asbestos siding was really good cedar shingle siding. I was surprised it had even been covered up in the first place and not just repaired.

Here are the fruits of my labor, 2,400 lbs of siding. Double bagged in 6mil plastic bags. This was then transported to a special facility which properly disposes of it (read: buries it real deep). I loaded up the trailer to haul the siding to the transfer facility and the allowed load limit for my car and trailer is 1,000 lbs of material. So when I left and they told me that I just got rid of 2,400 lbs, I was happy that my car still ran and that the trailer's axles were (fairly) straight.

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